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Lefty Psychology and Personality Traits

  • Leadership. About 66% of American presidents in the last 30 years were left-handed men. Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Fold were all left-handed presidents. Barack Obama and John McCain are both left-handed.
  • Quick thinkers. Studies have shown that lefties are “exceptional.” Australian research shows that left-handed people think more quickly when playing computer games or sports. Left-handed people also tend to earn more money.

Personality Traits of Lefties

  • Independence: Some experts believe left-handed people are more independent because they’ve had to get along in a world that’s not made for them. Dr Peters says that lefties are “slightly more resistant to social pressures, to have more of an independent streak.”
  • Adaptability: Canadian research shows that left-handed people are more adaptable than right-handed people. That is, a lefty can use her right hand to do tasks much easier than a righty can use his hand. Left-handed people seem to be able to switch over more easily.

Generally, Southpaws are thought to be more flexible, highly intelligent, and more resilient than right-handed people.


Famous Left Handed People:

Possibly some of the most famous left handed people come from the world of sport. Greats like: Babe Ruth; Larry Bird; Pele; Sir Bobby Charlton; Ferenc Puskas; Sir Garfield Sobers; Dennis Compton; Arnold Palmer; Rod Laver; Mark Spitz and “marvellous” Marvin Hagler were/are all proud “lefties”. To be added to this dazzling list are more famous left handed people from more recent times, such as: John McEnroe; Jimmy Connors; Ivan Lendl; Martina Navratilova; Diego Maradona; Marco Van Basten; Jimmy White; Brian Lara and Alan Border.

There are countless numbers of famous left handed people in the world of show business, with legends like: Cary Grant; WC Fields; Steve McQueen; Peter Ustinov; Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire, plus present day actors such as Robert Redford; Tom Cruise; Robert De Niro; Sylvester Stalone; Bruce Willis and Jim Carrey, all favouring the left hand. Not to leave the ladies out, famous actresses include many of the greats: Judy Garland; Greta Garbo; Betty Grable; Marilyn Monroe, they were all “lefties”, as are current screen stars like: Julia Roberts; Angelina Jolie; Nicole Kidman; Emma Thompson and Demi Moore.

From the music industry, famous left handed people are well represented in the shape of: Bob Dylan; Jimmi Hendrix; Sir Paul McCartney; Sting; David Bowie; Phil Collins; George Michael; Marshall Mathers - Eminem; Annie Lennox; Celine Dion; Mark Knopfler; Paul Simon and Ringo Starr.

Some more famous left handed people from miscellaneous backgrounds include: Oprah Winfrey; Mr Micosoft himself - Bill Gates; J Edgar Hoover - the former Director of the FBI; Mark Twain, HG Wells and Lewis Carroll from the world of literature; and Prince’s Charles and William. First man on the moon: Neil Armstrong and his co-astronaut: Buzz Aldrin; fashion designer: Jean-Paul Gaultier and The Simpsons cartoon creator: Matt Groening are all left handed, as are/were American Presidents: JF Kennedy; Gerald Ford; Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Just to show that not all famous left handed people are, or were known for the all the right reasons, there have been a few bad apples in the shape of Billy the Kid; Jack the Ripper and The Boston Strangler.

Finally some of the most famous left handed people from yesteryear, are without doubt some of the greatest and influential individuals who have ever lived. The likes of Horatio Nelson; Leonardo Da Vinci; Michelangelo; Pablo Picasso; Julius Caesar; Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart; Ludwig Van Beethoven; Winston Churchill; Napoleon Bonaparte - and Josephine; Queen Victoria; Alexander the Great; Joan of Arc; Marie Curie and last but certainly not least, Albert Einstein.

Does Bodybuilding Training and Lifting Weights Stunt Growth?

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The whole notion of growth being stunted by bodybuilding training is a myth that I have been fighting for years. In conversations with my grandfather who used to be an Orthopedic Surgeon graduated from Northwestern University with top honors, I learned that as long as the resistance is not so high that it would cause the bones to become more dense and thus close the epiphysis (the growth area of a long bone) then there should not be any detrimental effects.

As a matter of fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently changed their policy (PEDIATRICS Vol. 107 No. 6 June 2001, pp. 1470-1472) regarding this topic by stating that "strength training programs do not seem to adversely affect linear growth and do not seem to have any long-term detrimental effect on cardiovascular health" as evidenced in recent studies.

I should also point out that the compression forces on your son's legs and spine are far greater in running and jumping than they will ever be in a bodybuilding exercise like squatting. Compression forces in running and jumping can exceed 5 times his bodyweight. If he's not squatting over 700 pounds, he's generating greater compression in normal daily activities.


If you look at it, lifting weights didn't do a thing to stunt the growth of Shaquille O'Neal, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Michael Vick, etc. All started lifting in their early teens, and all have gone on to be over 6' tall and star in professional sports. Dave Draper and Arnold Schwarzenegger started lifting younger than that; again, both are 6'1" or taller. Many high school teams start their freshmen on lifting programs, meaning your son started at a perfectly appropriate age.

Provided that exercise form, proper weight selection and safety are always emphasized, your son won't find his growth stunted by lifting; rather, he'll find that he grows into his body much better and much more quickly than most of the peers around him.